Regeneration Jobs

Are you looking for a job in Regeneration, Economic Development or Community renewal?

Regeneration Jobs focus on the physical development of land, buildings and new transport systems seeking to maximise benefits for the wider community through economic and social regeneration in terms of skills, social and economic inclusion, prosperity, education, housing, health, community development and the environment.

Regeneration jobs - Which skills are most important ?

Firstly, good communication skills. In regeneration, carrying communities and partners with you is vital.

Secondly, you need to be analytical. There's a lot of information, and someone needs to be able to translate the data.

Thirdly, you need to be a clear thinker - to be able to think about a project or area and identify what needs to be changed

Besides this, project management is the most important skill. You need the aptitude to be a strategic thinker and to understand how initiatives and issues link to each other.

What opportunities does a Regeneration job provide?

There are considerable opportunities for careers in regeneration and related professions as a result of current shortfalls in key areas and the ongoing challenges of neighbourhood management and community renewal.

At the moment there is considerable demand for people to fill regeneration jobs, there is a shortage of environmental health professionals as well as shortages in planning and in engineering. There is also a great shortage of good community workers who can successfuly transfer their skills to relevant regeneration jobs.

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