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  • How to stand out to recruiters to land your ideal planning job

    3 Feb 2020| Jennifer Jackson

    Matt Fraser, team manager - planning at Penguin Recruitment, shares his advice on how to maximise your chances of finding a role you’ll love.

  • Career quandary: Should I relocate for work?

    7 Jan 2020| Jennifer Jackson

    Matt Fraser from Penguin Recruitment answers a common career dilemma.

  • Careers Advice: Managing major development projects

    16 Dec 2019| Matthew Hard

    Preparation, communication and a diligent approach are among the tips for helping manage large planning applications smoothly, says Matthew Hard.

  • Careers Advice: The importance of continuous learning

    9 Dec 2019| Ben Simpson

    It is imperative that planners maintain and update their knowledge so they can provide the most effective service, says Ben Simpson.

  • How will automation impact on your town planning career?

    5 Dec 2019| Jennifer Jackson

    Will robots take your job and what skills will you need to keep up with technological innovation?

  • Careers Advice: Presenting planning applications at committee

    2 Dec 2019| Brian O'Connor

    Preparation and a focus on positives are among the key tips for making an effective presentation at planning committee, says Brian O’Connor.

  • Careers Advice: You can have a family and still be ambitious

    25 Nov 2019| Robyn Prince

    Keeping in touch with your manager, being organised and giving yourself time are key tips for a successful return to work after parental leave, says Robyn Prince.

  • Tower Hamlets: Working for “the best of London” in one borough

    20 Nov 2019| Jennifer Jackson

    Paul Buckenham, development manager at Tower Hamlets Council, describes what it’s like to work there, the team culture and town planning job vacancies.

  • Careers Advice: Presenting at planning (development management) committee

    18 Nov 2019| Richard Temple

    Presenting at planning committee can be intimidating but, approached correctly, can be a valuable experience and aid career progression, says Richard Temple.

  • What is it like to work in the planning team at Tunbridge Wells Borough Council?

    18 Nov 2019| Jennifer Jackson

    Steve Baughen, head of planning at Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, tells us about the team culture and exciting planning roles it’s recruiting for.

  • Careers advice: Steps to improve diversity and inclusion

    11 Nov 2019| Charlotte Morphet

    Organisations can take a number of key steps to improve diversity and move towards greater inclusion, says Charlotte Morphet.

  • How to lead a successful town planning team

    6 Nov 2019| Jennifer Jackson

    Matt Fraser, team manager - planning at Penguin Recruitment, spoke to Richard Henley, director at hgh Consulting, about what it takes to lead a great team.

  • Careers Advice: Planning your career

    4 Nov 2019| Juliet Clark

    Taking on diverse roles during your career can help provide diversity, generate enthusiasm and provide choice later on, says Juliet Clark.

  • Careers Advice: When Opportunity Knocks

    28 Oct 2019| David Bainbridge

    Planners should let the excitement of opportunity overcome fear, says David Bainbridge.

  • Careers Advice: Applying the new national design guide

    21 Oct 2019| Dr Laura Alvarez

    To build on the message of new national design guidance, planners should develop and adopt radical, innovative tools, says Dr Laura Alvarez.

  • Careers Advice: Understanding the value of heritage in defining the identity of place

    14 Oct 2019| Dr Laura Alvarez

    Perceptive planners should understand the relationship historic buildings form with the rest of the components in their setting, says Dr Laura Alvarez.

  • How to request flexible working

    9 Oct 2019| Jennifer Jackson

    We spoke to Matt Fraser, team manager - planning at Penguin Recruitment, for advice on how to approach flexible working options with employers.

  • Careers Advice: Ways to expand your skill base

    8 Oct 2019| Jason Moore

    The profession offers a wide variety of opportunities for planners to broaden their skills base, says Jason Moore.

  • Careers Advice: Engaging communities in planning

    30 Sep 2019| Dave Chetwyn

    Community engagement is an integral part of good planning and a range of skills and considerations can help to ensure its effectiveness, says Dave Chetwyn.

  • Careers Advice: Management Careers in Planning

    23 Sep 2019| James Doe

    Planners who want to take on leadership roles should consider moving into management positions, says James Doe.