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  • Discover #TeamSK: a collaborative "grow your own" culture of caring

    • 9 Mar 2023
    • Séan Thurgood

    Shaza Brannon and Phil Jordan at South Kesteven District Council tell us about the exciting career opportunities, brand new offices, flexible working and more...

  • Hottest skills in town planning right now

    • 15 Feb 2023
    • Séan Thurgood

    Looking to stand out from the crowd for your next new role? Matthew Fraser at Penguin Recruitment shares the top skills that recruiters are looking for.

  • Katy Thorne

    How will biodiversity net gain requirements affect your career?

    • 21 Jun 2022
    • Katy Thorne

    Katy Thorne at Penguin Recruitment looks at how BNG will impact planning jobs and recruitment.

  • Penguin Recruitment

    Career quandary: How can I ask for a pay rise?

    • 19 May 2022
    • Harriet Allan

    Harriet Allan at Penguin Recruitment responds to a question currently on many employees’ minds.

  • Ecologist

    Job description: Ecologist

    • 3 May 2022
    • Jennifer Jackson

    The role of an ecologist in planning and development is becoming increasingly vital. Find out more in our latest job description article in partnership with Penguin Recruitment.

  • John Cutler, associate planning director, Strutt &

    Why I love working at Strutt & Parker: John Cutler, associate planning director

    • 28 Feb 2022
    • John Cutler

    John Cutler, associate planning director, gives us a glimpse into his team’s culture and what it’s like to work at Strutt & Parker.

  • Job description: Principal planner

    • 8 Feb 2022
    • Harriet Allan

    Harriet Allan, team manager at Penguin Recruitment, outlines the typical role of a principal planner.

  • Joe Scarse

    How the digitalisation of the planning system could impact your career

    • 4 Jan 2022
    • Joe Scarse

    From reducing your workload to attracting more planners to the industry, Joe Scarse at Oyster Partnership explores how digitalising the planning system could transform the way you work.

  • How to attract town planners in a candidate-driven market

    • 7 Oct 2021
    • Matt Fraser

    Matt Fraser at Penguin Recruitment shares his latest advice for those vying for talent in the town planning sector.

  • Olafiyin Taiwo

    Building diversity within local authority planning teams

    • 27 Sep 2021
    • Joshua Elliott & Chloe Dickinson

    Olafiyin Taiwo, planning consultant, talks to Oyster Partnership about what it means to truly embrace diversity.

  • Top 5 skills planners need to succeed in 2021 and beyond

    • 12 May 2021
    • Harriet Allan

    Harriet Allan at Penguin Recruitment reveals the top five skills she thinks are in demand in town planning right now.

  • Katy Thorne

    How is IR35 affecting town planning careers and recruitment?

    • 15 Apr 2021
    • Jennifer Jackson

    Katy Thorne, lead consultant, Penguin Recruitment, demystifies the latest IR35 legislation for the town planning industry.

  • Flexible working boosted by COVID-19 in the town planning industry

    • 24 Mar 2021
    • Jennifer Jackson

    Matt Fraser at Penguin Recruitment shares his insights into the pandemic impact on flexible working trends.

  • Penguin Recruitment

    How to stand out to recruiters to land your ideal planning job

    • 3 Feb 2020
    • Jennifer Jackson

    Matt Fraser, team manager - planning at Penguin Recruitment, shares his advice on how to maximise your chances of finding a role you’ll love.

  • Penguin Recruitment

    Career quandary: Should I relocate for work?

    • 7 Jan 2020
    • Jennifer Jackson

    Matt Fraser from Penguin Recruitment answers a common career dilemma.

  • Careers Advice: Managing major development projects

    • 16 Dec 2019
    • Matthew Hard

    Preparation, communication and a diligent approach are among the tips for helping manage large planning applications smoothly, says Matthew Hard.

  • Careers Advice: The importance of continuous learning

    • 9 Dec 2019
    • Ben Simpson

    It is imperative that planners maintain and update their knowledge so they can provide the most effective service, says Ben Simpson.

  • automation

    How will automation impact on your town planning career?

    • 5 Dec 2019
    • Jennifer Jackson

    Will robots take your job and what skills will you need to keep up with technological innovation?

  • Careers Advice: Presenting planning applications at committee

    • 2 Dec 2019
    • Brian O'Connor

    Preparation and a focus on positives are among the key tips for making an effective presentation at planning committee, says Brian O’Connor.

  • Careers Advice: You can have a family and still be ambitious

    • 25 Nov 2019
    • Robyn Prince

    Keeping in touch with your manager, being organised and giving yourself time are key tips for a successful return to work after parental leave, says Robyn Prince.