Welsh council looks to recruit to deal with wind turbine work

Published on: 10 Jul 2014

CeredigionCeredigion County Council is to recruit a planning development manager following an increase in applications for wind turbines and to help modernise the authority's planning department.

The new postholder will lead the council’s planning development management service, said head of lifestyle services Huw Williams.

“Applications for wind turbines are causing significant time challenges in planning in terms of negotiations and technical details," he told Planning.

“Some farmers are looking to put up turbines to offset energy costs, others want to use them for income generation, and they are contentions – like Marmite, you either love them of hate them. 

“This is having an affect with planning workloads and the new postholder will deal with this area as well as other duties.”

Williams said the planning department was also aiming to modernise itself. This involved a project to digitise and record applications to enable it to handle much more work on electronic format and put every application on to the council's website.

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