Kent AONB plans expansion to drive local plan-making work

Written by: Jez Abbott
Published on: 8 Dec 2014

Kent Downs

A planning team for an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) is to expand to help it protect landscapes and improve rural design.

Kent Downs AONB is seeking to recruit a planning officer who will work with 12 local authority partners.

Director of planning Nick Johannsen told Planning: “The new recruit will work in both policy and development control across the landscape with our local authority partners.

“They will help councils in their plan-making process to ensure policies are right for the AONB in terms of local nuances such as setting and the character of the landscape.

“Features include a large chalk ridge with fantastic views from the top of the ridge, which are very important. We want a planning policy framework that realises that.

“But this is a very busy part of the country: we have major infrastructure, corridors to Europe, a big growth agenda, and influence from the global city of London.

“You can be in this fantastic landscape yet look down on to Canary Wharf or across to France. It's an incredible resource and planning is important to meet the needs of the AONB.”

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