Tendring boosts planning team

Written by: Jez Abbott
Published on: 1 Oct 2014

Tendring coast

A big jump in housing demand and allocation of land for homes has prompted an Essex council to look to expand its planning department.

Tendring District Council wants to recruit a planner or senior planner and is also on the hunt for a new team leader.

The authority is ramping up its promotion of economic growth and reviewing its emerging local plan with an allocation of land for 12,000 homes to 2033.

Head of planning services Cath Bicknell told Planning: “We have had a sizeable increase in applications of all types and scale but predominantly for residential projects.

“I think the increase is due mainly to the improving economy. We are not that far from London and are feeling the push out of activity from the capital.

“We are also reviewing our local plan and have increased considerably our housing allocations, from 7,000.

“Historically, Tendering has been conservative and fairly resistant to significant growth for housing, but the latest evidence base shows we need 12,000 homes.

“Council members have come around to the need to make more provision, having watched how everyone else is getting on with their local plans.”

The planner or senior planner will deal with applications, appeals and advice and contribute to projects across the board including renewable energy and heritage proposals as well as housing.

Bicknell said: “The job is about approach, attitude and enthusiasm rather than years of experience so we would welcome applications from keen young graduates as well as more experienced staff.” 

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