Rochdale expands planning team to tackle rising development pressures

Written by: Jez Abbott
Published on: 30 Mar 2016

Rochdale redevelopment plansRochdale Borough Council is looking to expand its planning team to tackle a jump in projects involving employment and housing land.

Assistant director Mark Robinson told Planning: "We are seeing significant growth in applications and need to expand the service to deal with the applications.

"We have ambitions on housing growth and are about to adopt a core strategy with higher housing requirements then previously consulted on.

"We are also dealing with a lot of employment growth and want to release land for projects that create jobs."

The council wants to expand its development management team which currently numbers six planners by recruiting a new senior planning officer.

“Rochdale borough forms part of the Greater Manchester city region and is experiencing significant economic growth and urban renewal,” said Robinson, including a £100m redevelopment of the town centre (pictured).

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