Outside interests: Supporting Barnsley FC

Written by: Colin Marrs
Published on: 13 Aug 2014

Hannah Richardson, Spawforths

Hannah Richardson, associate town planner and team leader at consultancy Spawforths describes her life-long passion for Barnsley FC.

Q. When did you start supporting Barnsley?

A. I probably always have. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t. It is a family trait. My dad has a season ticket and I have had one for the past 17 seasons.

Q. What was your best moment watching Barnsley?

A. When we knocked Chelsea out of the FA cup in 2008, the winning goal was scored right in front of the stand where I sit with all my family and friends. It was an amazing atmosphere – we had a few drinks that night to celebrate.

Q. Do you ever go to away matches?

A. Sometimes – particularly for local derbies. We went to Manchester City last year in the cup.

Q. Do you ever get any comments about being a woman football supporter?

A. Not so much. There are quite a few women go these days – it is becoming more commonplace. The worst thing, particularly in the lower leagues, is that the toilet facilities for women can be quite rudimentary.

Q. Would you ever miss a match for an important occasion?

A. I have missed some social functions, but never missed a wedding or anything like that due to the football. The dates are in my diary so  I know that I will be going to the match unless something very important crops up.

Q. Do you have a lot of football paraphernalia?

A. I used to have a lot of the shirts, but now I am more of a scarf person. I have a Barnsley mouse mat and key ring.

Q. Are there any similarities between your day job and your love for your team?

A. I suppose maybe visiting other towns and cities is a big similarity – I do that for my job and through the football. It is interesting seeing the importance of football in different communities.

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