Outside interest: yoga teaching

Written by: Jez Abbott
Published on: 24 Feb 2016

Cathy WallaceIn her spare time, Signet Planning associate Cathy Wallace is a yoga teacher, instructing hatha and vinyasa flow yoga, which integrates breath with movement. Signet Planning is part of WYG Group.

How did you get into teaching yoga?

I took up yoga to support my rock climbing, to help build up my strength and stability. I’ve been practising yoga for over 10 years now and gradually moved into teaching.

What does it involve?

I teach a weekly class at 12 Rounds Boxing Gym in London. It’s great to offer techniques to boxers to release tension and bring balance to their coaching. At Easter, I’m off to Goa to help at retreat with Appleyoga. I’ve also taught other planners at our office in London.

Why do you do it?

I practise yoga for fitness but also because it keeps me centred and grounded. It brings me joy. I get to develop my practice while sharing my knowledge through teaching. It’s quite sociable and there is a great yoga ‘scene’ in London - lots of world class teachers. As well as teaching the architecture of poses, I enjoy the study of yoga physiology.

What’s the toughest thing about it?

My handstands could do with some practice, but it’s not tough to practise yoga - anyone can do it. I’m trying to cultivate a daily meditation practice too. Commuting by tube in London can sometimes really test my mindfulness.

What’s the most rewarding thing about it?

It is so wonderful to witness the positive change in my students when I teach yoga. Offering people tools to shift their perspective and also potentially alleviate stress in their life is great.

Are there any similarities between your day job and teaching yoga?

Yoga teaching has definitely helped me feel more at ease when I deliver presentations and practising yoga helps me stay calm in potentially stressful situations. I wish to teach yoga with authenticity, clarity and knowledge, and I also apply this focus to my work as a town planner.

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