Outside interest: Yoga

Written by: Jez Abbott
Published on: 4 Nov 2015

Vicky HessonWhen she's not running Gladman Developments, managing director Vicky Hesson practices the ancient art of yoga. 

How did you get into yoga?

I took up yoga several years ago to focus the mind, relieve stress and feel more relaxed. It has helped on all levels.

What does it involve?

Yoga for me involves focus and meditation, where you put yourself through a series of poses, or asanas. I practise Ashtanga yoga, a modern-day form of classical Indian yoga where you 'flow' through the moves. I do this at least twice a week and the great thing about yoga is you can do it anywhere. Sometimes I'll do do asanas on the carpet in the front room at home. At other times I meet up with people where we put down our mats for some collective asanas. I have even done yoga workshops as far away as Morocco.

Why do you do it?

I do yoga simply because I enjoy it: it allows you to physically exercise and it helps you clear your head. It calms the brain and energises the body.

What’s the toughest thing about it?

Standing still and holding poses can be difficult depending on how I feel on the day.

What’s the most rewarding thing about it?

The restful feeling I get from yoga is wonderful and cannot be compared in helping you focus the mind on aspects such as breathing and stress relief.

Are there any similarities between your day job and yoga?

Discipline and concentration are important for both planning and yoga: yoga challenges your mind and perceptions, as does planning. It's a great way of blanking out the chatter and taking things forward.

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