Pegasus Group announces new executive board following MD retirement

Written by: Ellie Kahn
Published on: 20 Jul 2021

Jim Tarzey

New CEO Jim Tarzey (Pic: Pegasus Group)

Following the retirement of managing director Tony Bateman, planning consultancy Pegasus Group has announced its new management structure.

When Bateman retired last month, planner Jim Tarzey took on the role of CEO with Chris May as deputy CEO.

Now, the company has announced a new executive board. Planner Gary Lees is the new chair of the executive board. Joining him are planners Sebastian Tibenham, Nicky Parsons and Jeremy Peachey, as well as Paul Burrell and Mike Carr. The group will be leading the company collectively.

Tibenham is an executive director at the firm, while Parsons is a regional director and Peachey is a landscape design director. Burrell is also an executive director and Carr is an executive officer.

Tarzey said that staff retention is one of the top priorities for the company: “The more staff we can take through our graduate training programme and promote through the ranks of the company, without them feeling they need to leave to secure promotion or better terms elsewhere, the better,” he said.

“We do need to get our offices well-populated - we don’t buy into the philosophy that we can run our business from home; our offices are important to us. We will however adjust to a post-Covid world slowly and aim to get the right blended balance between office and home working,” he added.

Tarzey said he will maintain a “large degree of” his professional responsibilities which “won’t impede the functioning of the board”.