London Borough of Hounslow appoints town centre manager for Brentford and Chiswick

Written by: Susie Sell
Published on: 23 Jun 2014

Hounslow Civic Centre

The London Borough of Hounslow has appointed Rachel Victor-Sampson as its town centre manager for Brentford and Chiswick.

Victor-Sampson will be responsible for supporting and promoting the Brentford and Chiswick areas within the borough.

Key tasks include promoting, marketing and supporting the development of the town centres and being an advocate to local businesses and stakeholders.

She will also support and facilitate the regeneration and development of areas, and enable and deliver key improvement projects.

Victor-Sampson said she hoped to help put Chiswick and Brentford on the map for the “great underrated and undiscovered places that they are”.

“It is also a commendable move on the part of London Borough Hounslow to appoint this role which demonstrates a holistic vision and commitment to the development and regeneration of areas,” she added.

Her most recent appointment was at the Science Vale Oxford Enterprise Zone, where she was responsible for coordinating and enabling the delivery of projects.

Victor-Sampson began her career in housing development in the 1990s, and moved into urban regeneration in 2005 as the Millennium communities national programme manager with regeneration quango English Partnerships.

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