How do they do it? Haydn Jones

Written by: Jez Abbott
Published on: 2 Dec 2016

Haydn JonesHaydn Jones went to university as a mature student at 26 and graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a first class honours degree in urban planning and an advanced diploma with distinction in environmental planning. He has always worked in the private sector, first at the Derby office of DPDS Consulting and then at Pegasus Group in Birmingham. Jones is now a planning director at Birmingham-based land promoter Richborough Estates, responsible for the west of England region. 

What are your objectives in your current role and how are you measured against them? 

My objectives include developing and delivering Richborough’s planning strategy for the west of England, identifying and appraising sustainable development opportunities and offering planning advice on development proposals. Performance measures are based on quarterly appraisals. 

What key lessons have you learned during your career that help you to fulfil these objectives? 

It is never too late. I re-evaluated my career and ‘found’ planning in my mid-20s and the same is true with planning strategies or development proposals - it's never too late to consider alternative options.

Listen to others. Do not be afraid of other points of view from other professionals or communities – a better development scheme can be achieved when you can see the wider picture.

Plan ahead. Thinking ahead and being proactive instead of reactive to issues is a more sure way of achieving your objectives.