How do they do it? Alastair Crowdy

Written by: Jez Abbott
Published on: 20 Feb 2015

Alastair CrowdyThe National national head of planning, development and regeneration at GL Hearn on the lessons learnt during his career. 

Alastair Crowdy was director and head of the planning department at Cushman & Wakefield before joining GL Hearn around eight years ago as head of planning and development. After various “investments, interations and expansions” he became national head of the firm's development group.

Q. What are your objectives in your current role and how are you measured against them? 

My objectives are to grow and diversify the development group and ensure we have a platform that allows us to secure sustainable and profitable growth. I sit on the board at GL Hearn and am responsible for how I run the group. I have appraisals through the board and am held to account by that board and shareholders. On a more specific basis, I have appraisals with our managing director on a regular basis and we have a management team that looks after the business and reviews issues around departments and people.

Q. What key lessons have you learned during your career that help you to fulfil those objectives? 

Push yourself forward. Aspiration should be about pushing yourself far and wide and getting the best experience possible. You will then find yourself in situations that stretch you professionally and broaden your perspectives.

Adapt to change. Planning has changed massively in the last 20 years; it's more detailed, involves wider interests and has a higher level of scrutiny than ever before. It is therefore critical as planners that you learn to adapt to change.

Keep hold of your contacts book. I wish I had kept in touch with all the fantastic people and contacts I've made over the years; so for people coming into the business – keep your contact book and don't lose touch.