Yorkshire council reports rising housing applications

Written by: JezAbbott
Published on: 7 Dec 2015

Selby housingA Yorkshire council says it saw a jump in applications for housing after it was unable to demonstrate a five-year housing land supply. 

Selby District Council lead officer for planning Richard Sunter told Planning: “We are the fastest growing part of North Yorkshire.

“This brings with it the challenge of balancing this growth while protecting our historic heritage and green-belt land. We are extremely busy.

“This is due in part because last summer we did not have a five-year land supply, therefore there has been a huge increase in the amount of applications we have received. 

“We have since finalised our five-year supply and are reinvesting and relooking at our planning service. Renewed confidence in the economy is driving growth.”

The council wants to recruit a senior planning officer. It also wants to take on a principal planning officer for up to 12 months for temporary maternity cover. 

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