Chorley takes on enforcement role at Sedgemoor

Written by: Jez Abbott
Published on: 9 Dec 2015

Emma Chorley

Sedgemoor District Council has promoted Emma Chorley from research and monitoring officer for planning policy to planning enforcement officer.

"I am dealing with everything from fences and boundaries to unauthorised work on listed buildings and issues around countryside mobile homes with consent," she told Planning.

"We have just finished drawing up policy procedures on enforcement, which set different priorities for workloads and responsibilities, so it's an exciting time of change." 

Senior planning officer Colin Arnold said the district had more than 1,200 listed buildings and 15 conservation areas within its boundaries, a mix of market towns and villages set within a rural context.

Coupled with high development pressure and an ambitious pro-growth agenda, the planning caseload was varied, he said. 

This included unauthorised planning matters from tree and listed building works to the handling of complaints from the public and preparing reports and assessments.

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Image: Bridgwater town centre, Sedgemoor