Council reshapes planning service to focus on transport and the environment

Published on: 27 Feb 2015

Buckinghamshire rural areaA county council is reshaping its planning department to focus more heavily on the environment and transport.

Buckinghamshire County Council is undergoing a "transformation programme" that has seen the formation of a new unit for transport economy and the environment. 

Director of growth and strategy Stephen Walford told Planning: "The range of areas includes strategic flood management, planning, enforcement and rights of way."

The council is looking to recruit a head of planning and environment to lead a team of more than 30 staff across a range of disciplines.

Walford said: "The head of planning and environment will lead the service area that’s set to protect our natural environment, spark regeneration and be a catalyst for growth.

"Challenges of the role include delivering on new and emerging duties around sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDs) and shaping growth across the county - there's lots of it coming forward.

“But it's about helping that development come forward in a way that protects, sustains and enhances the natural environment, which is a big part of the attractiveness of the county.

“This makes it a pivotal role that involves managing complex works programmes, tackling tricky compliance issues and acting as a statutory planning manager.”

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