Consultancy hones its service to target neighbourhood planning

Written by: Jez Abbott
Published on: 11 Mar 2015

rCOH officeA planning and development consultancy is strengthening its focus on meeting growing demand for neighbourhood planning and community right to build order support.

rCOH, founded in 2011 in Teddington, London, has now helped 12 out of the 60 neighbourhood plans and orders that have succeeded at referendum.

Planning director Neil Homer told Planning: “Three of six plans that went to referendum last week are ones we’ve supported and we have more going through their examinations and others almost ready for submission.

“Our projects range from the largest of towns like Maidenhead to small rural parishes and market towns. Communities are keen to innovate and we are constantly being challenged.

“We are now helping many town and parish councils prepare neighbourhood plans to allocate land, manage design, protect community assets and secure infrastructure funding.” 

rCOH is looking to expand by recruiting a planner with experience in consulting or in local government and who is enthusiastic about neighbourhood planning and community-led development projects.

“We are a small but growing business supporting a fascinating part of the planning system that is still in its infancy,” said Homer.

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