Birmingham plans to recruit 10 planners to meet growth agenda

Written by: Jez Abbott
Published on: 12 Jan 2015

Waheed Nazir

Birmingham City Council is hoping to recruit 10 new planning staff to tackle growth in housing and commercial sectors.

Birmingham City Council director of planning and regeneration Waheed Nazir told Planning: “We need to meet the demand of an increase in planning applications on the back of the city's growth. 

“With major infrastructure projects including HS2 and Metro coming forward and increasing investment within the city, we are seeing increasing volumes of planning applications."

The council wants to recruit five senior planning officers, two staff to deal with household planning applications and three planners to deal with enforcement issues.

“We are experiencing real increases in development around housing: there's a big growth agenda for homes and and we are seeing a lot of applications.

“But there is also lots of activity on the commercial side. The announcements around HS2 have given a lot of stimulus and the market for offices has really picked up substantially.”

Nazir added: “As confidence in the city continues to grow, we need to recruit to meet this demand.”

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