Careers Advice: How to handle a new job in the new year

Written by: Jason Moore
Published on: 7 Jan 2019


Starting a new job can be stressful, but taking a few simple steps can help make the transition as smooth as possible.

My top tip for those of you starting somewhere new in January is to take the time to say hello to all your new colleagues. This might sound painstakingly obvious, but the first day or two within a new business is often filled with paperwork and meetings to bring you up to speed - so this often leaves you very little time to offer your new workmates a glimpse of what a wonderful person you surely are. First impressions are vital when joining a new team and getting to know everyone earlier ensures people feel they can approach you but also allows you the opportunity to settle in quickly and get familiar with names and who is reliable for a good cup of tea!

Once you have tried to remember everyone’s name my next tip is to throw yourself into the workload. You have been hired because your employer values your experience and potential; therefore, there is no better time than the present to start showing them how right they were. Naturally, you will be eased into your new role, but I am firm believer that showing enthusiasm early means you will be able to make an impact sooner and will find that immersing yourself in what you do best means that you are likely to settle quicker.

I appreciate we can only invest so many hours a day into our jobs, no matter how much we enjoy them! However, I would always encourage new starters to get involved with embracing your new employers’ culture and taking some time to become familiar with opportunities to embrace networking events/social activities with your new colleagues. The office can often be busy with planners usually spending part of their day out of the office or immersed with their workload leaving you rather limited opportunity to get to know them and to better understand their strengths. Attending networking events – of which the variety is ever increasing – allows you a great opportunity to not only broaden your network but to get to know your colleagues that little bit better.

My final tip is a simple one – be yourself! I often include this advice when helping people prepare for interviews and the reasons are rather similar. Interviewing and joining a new team leads you to being constantly aware that you need to be at your best – as you should be! However, I am a firm believer that you should always allow your true personality to shine. Everyone is unique and I would always encourage people to display their qualities and encourage diversity within the office. Always remember, whilst your experience likely got you the interview with your new employer, it was your qualities as a person that lead to the offer.

To those of you starting new roles in 2019 – Happy New Year and, of course, good luck!

Jason Moore is principal consultant at recruitment consultancy Blayze Group