Careers advice: How 15 minutes a day on LinkedIn can help your job search

Published on: 19 Sep 2014


Spending just 15 minutes a day on LinkedIn may be crucial in securing that new job. Here's how you go about making the most of the professional networking platform.

Monday: The initial search

You want to be spending around five minutes just scanning your feed, looking at what’s going on within your industry. Studies show that Monday is the best day for a job search, so spend the last 10 minutes looking for vacancies in your area which have been posted on LinkedIn.

Tuesday: Getting engaged

It’s all about engagement today. Like yesterday, spend five minutes scanning your news feed, but this time leave a comment on any posts you find particularly relevant or interesting. Next, spend five minutes exploring your favourite industry groups and try to engage in a discussion or start a new one. Spend your remaining five minutes clearing out your inbox and replying to any messages.

Wednesday: Networking

Today you want to use five minutes to share your own status update in your home feed, before spending the last 10 minutes expanding your network through the alumni section. Tailor a personal message explaining why you think it would be useful to connect with the person, and you’ll be surprised at the positive responses you receive.

Thursday: share, share, share!

Spend 10 minutes sharing an update on both LinkedIn and Twitter. Taking advantage of multiple social media platforms will mean your profile is widely viewed and there’s a greater chance of employers seeing your updates. Your last five minutes should be spent viewing other profiles – if people can see that you’re interested, they’re more likely to engage with you.

Friday: Get connected

Today it’s best to spend five minutes checking over your profile, seeing if you can make any improvements, before using the final 10 minutes to look at job sites your groups/connections may be involved with.

It only takes 15 minutes a day, but following these steps might make a huge difference.

Adam Jones is  Planning Recruitment Consultant at Thatcher Associates

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