Ashford creates garden suburb quality monitoring team

Written by: Colin Marrs
Published on: 14 Sep 2016

ChilmingtonAshford Borough Council has created a new quality monitoring team to oversee the delivery of its new garden suburb at Chilmington Green.

The development plans for 5,750 homes plus commercial and community infrastructure at a site south west of the town.

The council is now recruiting for a section 106 technical officer to monitor planning obligations on the scheme.

Sue Head, Chilmington and design team Leader at the council, told Planning: “This new post will initially involve the monitoring of a complex s106 agreement for a large scale development that will deliver around £124m of community and other infrastructure to meet the needs of the new residents.

"Ensuring compliance with and discharge of planning conditions will also be part of the role. The role may expand into monitoring of adjacent sites in due course.”

The Chilmington Green development is expected to take 25 years to deliver.

ChilmingtonThe council has signed a quality agreement with the developer team and instituted a design code for the site.

Head said that she expected the section 106 agreement for Chilmington Green to be signed shortly.

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